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Hanging Herbs


straight from the farm

Born from a passion of harnessing the natural world around us to sustain all of our needs.  Better Botanics leverages the natural bounty of Dragon Spring Farm to provide safe, non-toxic and highly effective skin and home care products.  To find more Better Botanics please visit our sister website

Better Botanics: Products

Shampoo & Conditioning Bars

Ditch the plastic and have the best hair day ever!  Shampoo Bars made from naturally derived ingredients are super concentrated and last 2-3 times your typical liquid Shampoo and Conditioning Bars last 4-6 times!  Also - your hair will look, feel, and smell great!  And you will love the feeling of knowing you are not adding any more plastic or toxic ingredients to the environment.


Facial Products

Science meets nature with the Better Botanics facial line.  Inspired by the natural abundance of Dragon Spring Farm and rigorously refined for tested results.


Body Products

Our skin is our largest organ, why would we put anything on it that we wouldn't put in it?  You can nourish and repair your skin with the "skin food" all from naturally derived ingredients that are each selected for their beneficial qualities for your skin!

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